Plymouth Meeting Friends School Master Plan & Feasibility Study

Our firm prepared an in-depth master plan and feasibility study for this Pre-K through 6th grade private school which is located on a beautifully wooded, 15 acre site. The school’s campus core is arranged around their classic stone Meeting House, originally constructed in 1708, and the entire campus is set within a designated historic district. We worked closely with the School to assess future space needs, identify new building sites, and design a campus expansion plan which preserves the rustic charm and historic character of this wonderful property.

This project was selected for a land use and planning award by the Montgomery County Planning Commission in its annual design awards program, whose jury cited our work as “a wonderful example of how to effectively integrate new buildings into a historic setting while retaining the integrity of its site.”

Ursinus College Campus Meeting Center - Feasibility Study

The Campus Meeting Center feasibility study examined the potential of expanding and converting an existing 2-story, college-owned residence into a campus meeting center to host seminars, exhibits and social events. The proposed design featured a conference hall addition, a new main entrance and reception, all new HVAC and electrical systems throughout, a sculpture terrace, landscaping, and a new campus access drive.

William Penn Charter School Squash Courts
Feasibility Study

We prepared an in-depth feasibility and design study for a new squash center that was intended to be joined atop a one-story portion of Penn Charter’s existing field house. We recommended a “stacking” concept in response to restricted building site possibilities within the School’s dense campus core. This design would have provided six glass-backed, international-regulation courts with a new elevator lobby, coaches’ offices, and a viewing gallery. Our plan closely linked the squash functions with numerous amenities and support spaces already available to be shared in the field house. New, handsome masonry facades on the proposed addition were designed to upgrade and transform the plain, existing ones and relate the field house more compatibly with Penn Charter’s beautiful, stone buildings.

Ursinus College Admissions & Welcome Center Feasibility Study

Our firm completed an in-depth feasibility study for the design of a new college admissions house and welcome center. Within the process, we evaluated and developed conversion concepts for three existing large homes, all located within the main campus "hub". Each of the architecturally unique homes had been occupied to suit a variety of College uses: from the campus health center, to offices for student activity groups.

After closely analyzing the existing conditions and constraints inherent to each structure, we interviewed administrators and key staff members in order to develop initial planning criteria and a program. With clear understanding of the College’s goals, we then developed detailed renovation and expansion designs for each. Lounges, offices, interview rooms, meeting rooms and the like, were all fused into accessible, code-compliant configurations that respected the architectural character of each house. Site work, utilities and new systems were all factored into the study in order to define the scope and potential construction costs relative to converting each of the houses.